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24 April 2015 @ 01:22 am
Naruto chapter 700+1 (a.k.a Naruto Gaiden)  
It's gonna be a long one. You've been warned.

Okay, so here's the best thing about this chapter : we get to see Sakura with the uchiha symbol on her back!! She's officially Sakura Uchiha :')

The worst part? There are too many that I can't even describe.

Sarada has never met Sasuke and so Sakura raised Sarada for 12 years all by herself. Like wow, way to make Sasuke a really bad father, Kishi. Doesn't Sasuke know what it's like to grow up without parents?

And my heart breaks to see that Sarada had to cry in the first chapter. She was doubting SasuSaku's relationship and Sakura being Sasuke's wife, so Sakura got kinda angry at her and it made her cry. And I can tell that she's so sad waiting for her dad to come home. Poor little girl, how did she deserve that, Kishi? Sasuke needs to know that it's not the world that he should seek redemption from, but from Sakura and their daughter (AND FROM ME, YOU OBNOXIOUS LITTLE SHIT). Now, will Sarada hate Sasuke like Sasuke hated Itachi?

Sarada even doubted Sakura being her biological mother because she found a photo of Karin who's wearing glasses just like her. UHM HELLO? If anything, Sarada should've doubted Sasuke being her father instead because he's constantly being away, showing no love of caring for his family. While Sakura has raised Sarada as a single mother and must've endured all the shit alone. This shows that Sakura is an amazing character, strong and independent woman, and proves that she's not useless.

This is bullshit and I refuse to accept any of this until further chapters. Now I'm gonna list why I think this chapter is irrational:
1. If Sasuke had gone for 12 years, dude, that's longer compared to him leaving Konoha in Naruto + Naruto Shippuden! Would Naruto even allow that if Sasuke didn't have a good damn reason? Wouldn't he be preaching like "SASUKEEEEHH you better come home now ttebayo!" and not let Sakura suffer again?
2. Naruto the 7th Hokage is Sakura's best friend and Kakashi was the 6th Hokage (and also their sensei). Now, why does Sakura live in a loan house that's not been paid off? I doubt that Naruto and Kakashi would let that happen. They would support Sakura as they always did, I believe it, especially if her husband wasn't there for her. And Sakura has at least worked in hospital as top medic-nin, so I don't see why she can't pay for the house.
3. How did Sasuke ever took picture with Team Taka but never with Sakura? And if Sakura wanted to make their family photo out of that picture, why didn't she just cut Sasuke's part and throw away Karin/Suigetsu's part? That would be easier to hide from Sarada.
4. When Sasuke was with Team Taka, he wore black cloak but his hair was parted in the middle. When he finally got bangs, he wore Akatsuki cloak or his Eternal Mangenkyou Sharingan outfit. Notice that Sasuke in the photo has bangs and wearing black cloak instead, which is his appearance when he tapped Sakura's forehead (a.k.a declared that he cares about Sakura)!

So the picture must be taken after chapter 699, after Sasuke promised to Sakura that he'll be back, and I don't think that Sasuke would cheat because the forehead-tap has so much meaning and history between the uchiha alfjkhsadfjk.
5. This new manga's main character is Boruto. (Okay maybe also Sarada, but come on let's face it, it will be Boruto he's Naruto's fucking son). So why is the first chapter about Sarada Uchiha? And why did they show Karin in the first chapter? That's so not worth it. Aren't Hinata/Himawari/Kakashi more important characters? They deserve to be in the first chapter more than Karin. This makes me really think that this chapter is just trolling.
6. If Sasuke wanted to make babies with just anyone, why would it be only Karin? Why is it okay for him to have just one daughter and no sons? Why not approach Sakura since Sakura forgave him already and must be willing to accept him? Why not make babies with every woman he met so he could rebuild the uchiha clan? Think again. I'm still sure that Sarada is SasuSaku's and Sasuke only made love with his only wife, Sakura.
7. The last but not least, how could you think that this SasuSaku forehead-tap moment wasn't real? HOW? I’m 1010% sure that Sasuke didn’t pretend.

I’m sure chapter 699 and 700 was really the way Kishi wanted Naruto to end. But now the publisher is asking him to test the water, to get attention, to see if people are still interested with Naruto sequel or not. They know that SasuSaku is the most powerful and angsty, emotional couple so they play with our feelings again. After all, SasuSaku is not SasuSaku without the angst. I will still ship SasuSaku, no matter how many times I have to pick up the pieces of my heart.