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12 April 2015 @ 06:41 pm
Naruto The Movie: The Last  
Just came back from seeing Naruto: The Last movie!! It just came out in my country and I already saw it twice this weekend. I'll post my thoughts (and spoilers) below~

There are two kinds of people who came to watch Naruto: (1) kids and the parents who accompany them, and (2) anime otaku. I guess I'm the otaku lol. They kids were noisy though =_= I had to hush them because they were disrupting NaruHina moments =_="

Sakura was being a too obvious NaruHina shipper! XD When Hinata asked "Why are you encouraging me?" Sakura said "Because..." and then there's Sasuke-kun's image flashing..

Sasuke-kun gets so little screen time >_< He came to Konoha to protect the village because Naruto was away saving Hinata. And that's about it. Basically Sasuke-kun is just a flashback in this movie.

Suna-gakure (Sand Country) is lucky bastard. The people didn't have to evacuate anywhere because Gaara can just easily make sand barrier XD

I think I heard Jiraiya-sama's voice narrating the prologue, but i'm not sure.. Jiraiya-sama.. ;;;

And I couldn't hold my tears when I saw NaruHina wedding pictures during the credit roll. The theme song Hoshi no Utsuwa was playing in the background too! It really touches me and makes me happy, because they are happy :')