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the number one princess of the world ♪
18 August 2015 @ 08:28 pm
8 years ago on this exact day, I officially started dating a guy back then in US. But it only lasted for 3 weeks because he had a situation that made him decide to cut ties with everyone from our church including me.

We were young and the time wasn't quite right but we never hurt each other. I guess the chemistry was always there, we just never tried again until recently. But today we've reconnected again somehow since 2 months ago.

I'm in love with this guy. I've dated other guys after him but I was never in love; I only loved them but never completely in love with them. I dont know how to explain it but this time it's different. Right now I'm truly in love.

With my other exes, I couldn't say what I really want or do what I want to do all the time. One ex wanted me to dress tightly and disliked me wearing frilly skirts. Another one said my hobbies of cosplay and playing video games are wasting time. They're good guys but I had to pretend and hide things from them because they all tried to change me (which is why I'm happy to be single now). But with my Bunny (the guy that I'm in love with now :p) it's different. He knows all my weirdness and still embraces it. He understands me so much that he even recommended things that I might like, doesn't care if it will increase my nerd level. He said he'd be lucky to have me in his life.

And I also feel the same about him. The more I know about him, the more I'm in love. I have nothing to complain about, everything about him is just perfect for me. And the bonus point is he doesn't smoke/drink/go clubbing (unlike my ex whom I had to beg every weekend for not to go clubbing/partying with his friends, yikes). Well I've known this since the first time I dated him years ago but I didnt expect he'd stay that way all this time ^.^

I never understand why does a couple can be totally goofy and comfortable around each other? Because I couldn't. How can they be under the same roof everyday without getting bored and awkward? Because I couldnt. How can they be so sure that it's their soulmate? Because I couldn't. But now I get iittttt! It's all so clear now because I've found someone who totally gets me. When we talk, the sparks keep flying and nothing is boring with him. We could've talked all day if it wasn't for work, we're just so into each other so much. I'm sure I'm not gonna find anyone else like him in my life.

But even though we call each other babe and talk everyday, I'm stuck in our home country (well for a few years) and he's still in the US. I can't go back there yet. And he's willing to wait until I get there, maybe for 3 or 4 years, 5 at most. But I feel like I'll be such a burden if he has to wait for 5 years for me, but at the same time I want him to be with me. It really gives me a headache. I'm hurting myself just by thinking about it, but I can't help it.

Right now my priority is just work and save money for my trip back to US. It's not that I'm ungrateful, it's just I hate my job because I feel like I'm being overworked. Sure they paid me pretty high just like my dad wants, but they can't buy my time no? I barely have time for myself. 12 hour everyday is too much, not including weekend because I'm just too smart and capable so my boss relies on me to handle clients on weekends sometimes. GIVE ME A BREAK. Ugh. But whatever, I'll just do whatever dad wants for a few years until he thinks that I'm too old to be single and sends me back to US. And I won't take any of his money with me. I'll be on my own. Pay for my own shit and all.

So yeah, I'm kinda in long distance relationship with Bunny. Though we never decided an official date, but I can say that we're in relationship now. Cause date is just a number on a calendar and we have each other's heart, I think that's good enough.

It kills me to see couples who can meet everyday because who would want to be in LDR?? None of my friend does. But one perk about being in LDR is you know he loves you for who you are and not just for sex. (But it still kills me that I can't even touch him T_T)

Everything can happen as long as we live. Nothing is impossible. Things might change in a few years and who knows, I might be able to meet him without having to wait that long. I just have to keep praying on that.
the number one princess of the world ♪
24 April 2015 @ 01:22 am
It's gonna be a long one. You've been warned.

Okay, so here's the best thing about this chapter : we get to see Sakura with the uchiha symbol on her back!! She's officially Sakura Uchiha :')

The worst part? There are too many that I can't even describe.

Sarada has never met Sasuke and so Sakura raised Sarada for 12 years all by herself. Like wow, way to make Sasuke a really bad father, Kishi. Doesn't Sasuke know what it's like to grow up without parents?

And my heart breaks to see that Sarada had to cry in the first chapter. She was doubting SasuSaku's relationship and Sakura being Sasuke's wife, so Sakura got kinda angry at her and it made her cry. And I can tell that she's so sad waiting for her dad to come home. Poor little girl, how did she deserve that, Kishi? Sasuke needs to know that it's not the world that he should seek redemption from, but from Sakura and their daughter (AND FROM ME, YOU OBNOXIOUS LITTLE SHIT). Now, will Sarada hate Sasuke like Sasuke hated Itachi?

Sarada even doubted Sakura being her biological mother because she found a photo of Karin who's wearing glasses just like her. UHM HELLO? If anything, Sarada should've doubted Sasuke being her father instead because he's constantly being away, showing no love of caring for his family. While Sakura has raised Sarada as a single mother and must've endured all the shit alone. This shows that Sakura is an amazing character, strong and independent woman, and proves that she's not useless.

This is bullshit and I refuse to accept any of this until further chapters. Now I'm gonna list why I think this chapter is irrational:
1. If Sasuke had gone for 12 years, dude, that's longer compared to him leaving Konoha in Naruto + Naruto Shippuden! Would Naruto even allow that if Sasuke didn't have a good damn reason? Wouldn't he be preaching like "SASUKEEEEHH you better come home now ttebayo!" and not let Sakura suffer again?
2. Naruto the 7th Hokage is Sakura's best friend and Kakashi was the 6th Hokage (and also their sensei). Now, why does Sakura live in a loan house that's not been paid off? I doubt that Naruto and Kakashi would let that happen. They would support Sakura as they always did, I believe it, especially if her husband wasn't there for her. And Sakura has at least worked in hospital as top medic-nin, so I don't see why she can't pay for the house.
3. How did Sasuke ever took picture with Team Taka but never with Sakura? And if Sakura wanted to make their family photo out of that picture, why didn't she just cut Sasuke's part and throw away Karin/Suigetsu's part? That would be easier to hide from Sarada.
4. When Sasuke was with Team Taka, he wore black cloak but his hair was parted in the middle. When he finally got bangs, he wore Akatsuki cloak or his Eternal Mangenkyou Sharingan outfit. Notice that Sasuke in the photo has bangs and wearing black cloak instead, which is his appearance when he tapped Sakura's forehead (a.k.a declared that he cares about Sakura)!

So the picture must be taken after chapter 699, after Sasuke promised to Sakura that he'll be back, and I don't think that Sasuke would cheat because the forehead-tap has so much meaning and history between the uchiha alfjkhsadfjk.
5. This new manga's main character is Boruto. (Okay maybe also Sarada, but come on let's face it, it will be Boruto he's Naruto's fucking son). So why is the first chapter about Sarada Uchiha? And why did they show Karin in the first chapter? That's so not worth it. Aren't Hinata/Himawari/Kakashi more important characters? They deserve to be in the first chapter more than Karin. This makes me really think that this chapter is just trolling.
6. If Sasuke wanted to make babies with just anyone, why would it be only Karin? Why is it okay for him to have just one daughter and no sons? Why not approach Sakura since Sakura forgave him already and must be willing to accept him? Why not make babies with every woman he met so he could rebuild the uchiha clan? Think again. I'm still sure that Sarada is SasuSaku's and Sasuke only made love with his only wife, Sakura.
7. The last but not least, how could you think that this SasuSaku forehead-tap moment wasn't real? HOW? I’m 1010% sure that Sasuke didn’t pretend.

I’m sure chapter 699 and 700 was really the way Kishi wanted Naruto to end. But now the publisher is asking him to test the water, to get attention, to see if people are still interested with Naruto sequel or not. They know that SasuSaku is the most powerful and angsty, emotional couple so they play with our feelings again. After all, SasuSaku is not SasuSaku without the angst. I will still ship SasuSaku, no matter how many times I have to pick up the pieces of my heart.
the number one princess of the world ♪
12 April 2015 @ 06:41 pm
Just came back from seeing Naruto: The Last movie!! It just came out in my country and I already saw it twice this weekend. I'll post my thoughts (and spoilers) below~

There are two kinds of people who came to watch Naruto: (1) kids and the parents who accompany them, and (2) anime otaku. I guess I'm the otaku lol. They kids were noisy though =_= I had to hush them because they were disrupting NaruHina moments =_="

Sakura was being a too obvious NaruHina shipper! XD When Hinata asked "Why are you encouraging me?" Sakura said "Because..." and then there's Sasuke-kun's image flashing..

Sasuke-kun gets so little screen time >_< He came to Konoha to protect the village because Naruto was away saving Hinata. And that's about it. Basically Sasuke-kun is just a flashback in this movie.

Suna-gakure (Sand Country) is lucky bastard. The people didn't have to evacuate anywhere because Gaara can just easily make sand barrier XD

I think I heard Jiraiya-sama's voice narrating the prologue, but i'm not sure.. Jiraiya-sama.. ;;;

And I couldn't hold my tears when I saw NaruHina wedding pictures during the credit roll. The theme song Hoshi no Utsuwa was playing in the background too! It really touches me and makes me happy, because they are happy :')

the number one princess of the world ♪
07 April 2015 @ 04:53 pm
Uhh I guess I have to let this out.

I was sick last weekend, but I still went out to buy cosplay supplies. Because when I’m healthy, all I do is work, so I feel like it’d be a waste if I spent my days off at home.

And actually I didn’t plan to cosplay ever again. Not anymore. But I have so much money now that I’ve got work and I don’t know how to spend it.

My boss at work is nice and all, but I don’t like the long working hour. 11-12 hours everyday. My dad wouldn’t let switch job because I get pretty high salary here and they provide a car to send me home every night. Besides, Dad invests some money in this company so he wants me to watch out for him if anything happens.

Dad loves saving up money. I said to him so many times that I’m not like him. I won’t bring my money with me when I’m dead, so why keep so much money in bank account? I mean I know money is important, but I love myself more. I won’t pressure myself to keep piling up money. I won’t suffocate myself with work and not spend the money I earn. I’ll just spend my money on things that my Dad said not important, like cosplay, and he can’t forbid me because I fucking worked my ass off for it.

What’s important? For my dad, only the basic human needs are important. Foods, clothes, house, school tuition, electricity bill, medicine, etc. For me, I think love, happiness, and freedom are important. I prefer to earn less money and do the work that I actually love. I feel trapped when working from morning till night. I don’t even have time to hangout after work because it’s already 8 or 9pm. So I kinda want to show to my Dad that money is not everything for me. I want to spend it extravagantly on things that he never want to pay for me. Let me spend my money for silly merchandises and cosplay stuff
the number one princess of the world ♪
20 December 2014 @ 10:52 pm
Just came back from watching the last Hobbit movie. It was soooo damn good! There’s no boring scene at all! I’m gonna write a short impression below, beware of spoilers~

The whole elves army was so neat, I was impressed. :O Thranduil was sassy as ever. Even the way he fell from the horse was sassy, I liked it! Lol! Then my Legolas run out of arrows for the first time in history! Finally! XD Kili’s dying scene breaks my heart, bawww :’( Actually when Smaug died it made me sad too :( And I was surprised that Tauriel didn’t die. I repeat: Tauriel did not die. That was unexpected :O

I rate it 5 stars and 10000/10. So worth it, watching it again tomorrow <33 And probably will end up watching Lord of the Rings tonight because the hype is still intense (≧▿≦)b